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How do you behave when in love?


After meeting your boyfriend for what's supposed to be a romantic dinner, he complains non-stop about something that seems very minor. What do you think?  


You walk in on him talking on the phone and when he sees you, he quickly excuses himself and hangs up. What do you think is going on?  


He's just bought a brand new mountain bike, and offers to lend it to you. What do you think?  


He tells you that he needs to work late every night this week. What do you say?  


Out of the blue, he buys you a large bouquet of red roses. You think that __________  


He keeps talking about and admiring an old girlfriend whom he bumped into the other day. You would __________  


You've picked up a letter addressed to your boyfriend. The handwriting on the envelope is unfamiliar and there is no addressee's name. You would __________  


You've spent at least an hour dressing up for a special date with your man tonight, but he's only said that you look "okay" - and that was after you asked him what he thought! What do you think he is really thinking?  


You meet an old sweetheart of his at a party. You would __________  


He tells you that he has a business dinner tonight and that you can join him or do your own thing. You would __________