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Love Test


You are walking to your boyfriend/girlfriend's house. There are two roads to get there. One is a straight path which takes you there quickly, but it is very plain and boring.

The other is curvy and full of wonderful sights on the way, but takes quite a while to reach your loved one's house.

Which path do you choose?  


On the way, you see two rose bushes. One is full of white roses, the other of red roses. You decide to pick 20 roses for your boyfriend/girlfriend.

What color combination do you choose?    
(any combo including all one color is fine)
Red = (White will be the rest).


You finally get to your boyfriend/girlfriend's house. You ring the bell and the maid answers. You can ask the maid to please get your loved one, or you may go get him/her yourself.

Which action do you take?  


Now, you go up to your girlfriend/boyfriend's room. No one is there. You can leave the roses by the windowsill, or on the bed.

Where do you put the roses?  


It's time for bed. You and your loved one go to sleep, in separate rooms. You wake up in the morning, and go to your boyfriend/girlfriend's room to check up on him/her. You enter the room:

He/she is _________  


It's time to go home now, and you start to head back. You can take either road home now--the plain, boring one that gets you home fast; or the curvy, sight-filled road that you can just casually take your time with.

Which road do you choose?