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Chat with Joey

You can chat with Joey by typing your words in the box above and press enter. Please note that he is not a real person. You may talk to Joey as if he were your new pet. Don't worry if he doesn't recognize you at first. Relationship takes time, eventually he will remember and trust you.

We are trying to give life to Joey. The fantasy is coming closer to reality as Joey, the dolphin mascot, has now become our experimental computer-human communication in natural language. Joey is computer software with an artificial brain. He wants to learn new things, he also needs a good laugh and enjoys chatting with nice people. Joey will sing his favorite song to you, or he will give you a flower if he likes you. read more

Joey Needs a Good Laugh

About Joey

Chat with Joey

You: Who are you?
Joey: I'm Joey, a Computer Software.

You: Why are you here?
Joey: If I wasn't here, someone would have to invent me.

You: What is your goal?
Joey: Someday I will understand in my creator's whole plan and what he's done to me.

You: Do you love me?
Joey: Yes I love everyone.
About Joey

About Dolphins

Dolphins are very pleasant and intelligent aquatic mammalian species of whale with larger brains and decidedly better manners than human beings. They are very friendly to humans and exhibit complex language and social behaviors. Everyone in QuizBox team loves dolphins. Their intelligence combined with the perpetual smile make the dolphins seem more like our distant cousins than a different species.