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How To Date a Virgo Male

If you are dating a Virgo male, go slowly. They hate to make mistakes. He will take you out to nice clean respectable establishments, and go to the movies with you. He does not go out dancing or rabble rousing with the guys. He is a solitary person, whose social group is small. Virgo males are inclined to computers, and the geeky stuff. However, he could balance your checkbook for you.

Do not dress like a slut. Be chic! Have no children from previous marriages. Don't be too talkative. He shies away from party animals. He wants to date someone with a purpose in life. Be interesting, and invite him to your workplace. He can visualize his name hyphenated after yours on the nameplate on your desk. Virgo men can be workaholics, that way they can avoid "nooners". Virgo males are not usually sexually promiscuous. Sex won't happen until you push for it, but be sure to have your STD test results handy. He will marry you in time--lots of time, so be patient. Your Virgo male won't divorce you. Once in love, it's for keeps.

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