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How To Date a Virgo Female

If you are dating a Virgo female, be on time when you arrive in your Mercedes to take her out for healthy food. Borrow the car if you have to. Do not pick her up in your unwashed, with the baby car. She isn't interested in ready-made families. Wear the latest in fashion, and above all, have a manicure. Virgo females notice everything. Have a degree, be a professional, know everyone who is anyone. Exude confidence. Do not have other girlfriends.

Virgo females are shy and sometimes aloof. That does not mean they don't like you. It takes several dates for them to decide if they want you. They are neat freaks, and don't want to pick up after you. Be toilet trained. If you tell her you are going to do something at 6 PM then do it. Virgo females can drop you for little things like that. Don't quit trying if you care about her. They only love a handful of men, and you won't have any competition. Just be real. Quality is important to female Virgos. Virgo females are usually career-minded, but they will marry.

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