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Are you Interested in a Virgo Person?

As a rule, a Virgo is attracted to someone who possesses good conversation skills. They love to talk and surround themselves with friends who are even-tempered, nonchalant, and intellectually stimulating. If you are planning a date with a Virgo, try and avoid noisy places, especially with lewd or obscene entertainment. The Virgos' reserved nature and insistence of good taste means they would get more pleasure from a quiet restaurant with soft music playing in the background than from a rock concert. They would prefer a place where the two of you can talk. You will probably find the Virgo to be very interesting and be able to discuss almost anything with them. However, don't be in a hurry to jump right in and ask too much about their personal affairs, since they may find it to be an intrusion of privacy.

It is a rare occurrence for a Virgo to hand out praise, so if you are looking for constant flattery, you may want to keep looking. While on the contrary, if you are looking for advice or an opinion on a certain matter, the Virgo will gladly participate. Virgos are careful planners and are constantly seeking personal achievement and financial security. They won't put up with frivolous spending habits and won't jump into a serious relationship without looking ahead first. Most likely they are seeking a partner with practical ambitions exactly like themselves. Once the Virgo has found someone worthy to share their life with, they will always be loyal and provide plenty of happiness. This responsible, sensitive, and intellectual person takes love very seriously. Although they may appear aloof and distant at times, they are very sensual and warm people. If you win them over, you will be more than rewarded with a prosperous and memorable life with them.

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