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How To Date a Scorpio Female

If you are dating a Scorpio female, be careful! Show up wearing black clothes that fit you well. Arrive in your black car with dark tinted windows. She likes dark places, so take her to bars or a casino would be fab! Don't tell her about the drugs you are on and she won't tell you about hers either. There needs to be caution exercised here, because Scorpios are one of two extremes: One's the saint, the other's the sinner. The first type of Scorpio is very religious, and does not smoke, drink, or do drugs. If you are on a blind date, you will know quickly which version you are dating. Neither type is hung up on what you wear, but more how you wear it. Have sex appeal. Be interested in occult matters and be deep. She won't offer you much information about herself, so you will have to guess.

Scorpio females will pry your whole life story out of you. To keep her interested, play hard to get. You won't know if you are pleasing her, or where you stand. A fatal mistake is to make a Scorpio female angry. Scorpio women will get you! She has a passionate nature and can have more than one love interest. They are not usually domestic, nor want to be involved with parenthood. She will put all of her intense energy into either partying or getting to the top. Female Scorpios are "all or nothing", even when it comes to marriage.

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