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How To Date a Pisces Male

If you are dating a Pisces male, it will be up to you to decide where to go, what to do, whose car to take. He likes music, alcohol, and strong-willed women. He will do whatever you want. He has an extremely creative side, which takes precedence over his mundane duties of the everyday work world. He could be happy being supported by you, because he would surrender all of himself to you and your causes.

Pisces males are romantic, and hate to make decisions. He does not want to displease you in any way. He donates to every solicitor knocking at the door. Pisces males are not normally good money managers, therefore, you get to do this. He won't mind. He would give you every paycheck. He loves you when you are dreamy and romantic, with the candles lit and soft music. He will cook for you. He dresses nicely and won't embarrass you in public.

If you want to marry this man, just take him home. He's yours. Pisces males can't bear divorce. Marriage-minded they are, so Pisces males function best with a partner.

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