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How To Date a Libra Male

If you are dating a Libra male, your first date will be in a romantic restaurant with a wonderful wine list. During dinner just smile and be sweet. Libra men don't like vulgarity in any form. Dress tastefully, and do use your flower scented perfume. He loves women who dress up, wear jewelry, use makeup, and are happy being feminine. He is fascinated with fantasy, including sexual fantasy. Don't discuss your recent love life, or ex-husbands. He could care less about your children, or desire to have them. Don't be argumentative. Libra males hate conflict.

You can discuss your latest painting, the last book you read, or what your plans are for interior decorating. Libra males love cozy fires, and sensuous females near it. Foreplay is a big high for Libra males. He is not a wimp, by any means, although he loves to please! Yes, he would be your sex slave, provided you tease him a lot. At work, he is a fair boss, but at home he loves to be used.

Libra males will stay in a bad marriage. Flirting gets them into trouble. Marriage is part of his ultimate plan, just make certain he is single when you decide to date him.

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