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How To Date a Libra Female

If you are dating a Libra female, take her to a wine tasting, the theater, your cousin's wedding or any place sociable. She likes elegance and beauty. Dress in your Sunday best. Bring her flowers, cards and special little feminine gifts. She'll be thoughtful too. Although Libra women are the ultimate in fashion and femininity, they are big flirts. However, underneath it all, they really want to be married to one darling man who will romance them eternally.

Flirt back as she loves little games. You can fall in love anytime you want to with her. Your car isn't as important as how you treat her. Gently please, no conflict! Your Libra female probably won't have children, but she will have her fluffy lap dog everywhere you go. She isn't the type to cheat on you, unless you forget about romance.

Your occupation isn't that important. Be sure to earn enough money to support her frequent shopping trips to the mall. She loves to decorate, so step back at home. You can do the outside domestic duties. You get to wash the car and mow the lawn. When you propose to her, present her with your poetic love vows, and promise to hire a maid for her. Libra females love to be married.

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