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How To Date a Gemini Male

If you are dating a Gemini male, you can expect him to stand you up on your first date, but if you are lucky, he will call, say he is running late, and that the plans for the date have changed. Bring an overnight bag, he can get carried away and forget that you need to go home. He will have the cutest twinkling eyes, and you will forgive him. He will slightly ignore you in public, as he always knows everyone wherever he takes you, and will speak to each one. Somehow, you can't picture him in a tuxedo walking down the aisle.

Gemini males won't call you everyday. Gemini men are witty, fun, and can play, play, and play. These men thrive in occupations where they can meet the public and talk. Gemini males are great as disc jockeys. If you want to catch this guy, don't lean on him, don't get pregnant, and don't talk marriage. Be a challenge, do your own thing and let your Gemini male chase you. It's okay to date others.

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