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How To Date a Cancer Female

If you are dating a Cancer female, dine out for pizza, and afterwards take her to Baskin Robbins. Be sure to call her mother and check on the kids. She'll think you are really a nice guy. Dress casual, and drive a suburban or mini-van. It's okay, if you got the kids from your last divorce, that won't stop her from dating you. Offer to barbecue at her house and compliment her cooking. That way you get to come back for more. Bring the family with you as Cancer females can take it.

Cancer females are very sensitive about everything near and dear to them. Never say bad things about her family members. They do possess humor. Pay attention to all her handmade quilts and homecrafts. Cancer women are great homemakers. Let her know you like women with a "little meat" on their bones. They taste everything they cook--yummy! If you are not marriage-minded, don't play games with Cancer women.

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