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Are You Interested in an Aquarius Person?

If you've ever met someone who appeared to be charming, funny, tantalizing, and intelligent, it was probably an Aquarian. They usually live in their own minds, filled with a world of ideas. Although they seem to possess a certain detached quality and may sometimes come across as removed from feelings, they are warm, outgoing, and very concerned with others. These humanitarians often are wary of emotion and like to deal rationally with life. Optimism is a big part of their nature, along with the knack of friendliness and the mastery of flirtation.

If you want to get the Aquarian's attention, you will need to intellectually stimulate them. Good conversation, including debates, are a favorite pasttime of the Water Bearer. Open minded, Aquarius can accept criticism and understand others' perceptions about things. If you have a problem, they are always willing to listen, though after awhile, enough is enough. Tolerance is a big part of an Aquarian's temperament. They are slow to take offense, never jealous and never over emotional. When planning a date with an Aquarius, you don't have to go out of your way to impress them. Just about anything pleases them. From sharing a picnic lunch to a candle lit dinner, Chinese or Mexican, it doesn't matter, as long as variety is on the menu.

In time, a relationship can grow, built on trust. Never nag an Aquarius about a mistake. A mistake is unimportant to them, so don't harp on it. If they are constantly told what is wrong, they will begin to feel unappreciated and the relationship can get rocky. In any relationship, the Aquarian may find it hard to give of themselves but will always remain loyal and devoted to a worthy partner.

When the Aquarius makes a promise, it's usually never broken. However, if you become demanding, and critical, they may start to wander elsewhere. They want a partner to share in the adventures, along with the challenges, that life has to offer. Life with them will never be boring.

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