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A few facts about QuizBox

If you hunger to know more about yourself or just want to have fun, QuizBox is a buffet! We offer love tests, personality and compatibility tests, riddles, puzzles, horoscopes, jokes and fun quizzes for your personal enjoyment and intellectual stimulation.

Building a quiz on the web doesn't have to be expensive and painful. QuizBox also provides services that enable users to deliver and manage a wide range of quiz, poll, survey and research on the web without the programming skills, costs, efforts and time associated with their in-house website production.

How it all started

This project started in July 1999 as a collection of content that people always seek from the search engines, which is a matter of love, romance, self-realization and personal satisfaction.

By adding interactivity and enjoyable online experience to this little corner of the Internet, QuizBox quickly became a popular website for quiz lovers. Two years later, with none of advertising dollar spent, over 100,000 member-created quizzes were built with our Quiz Builder.

Where do we go

We are working on artificial intelligence techniques such as neural networks, natural language processing, and collaborative filtering. The future release of QuizBox will provide advanced content management system to foster our social networking applications.

Who to contact

Questions, comments, suggestions? please visit our contact information page.

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