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Dear Bloggers, Please Read This First!

Do not link to your quiz at QuizBox, we do not host your quiz here. Once the QuizBuilder generates your quiz, we forget everything about it and you will lose the quiz when you leave this site. You have to paste your quiz to the web editor on your website (if your website provides a web-based content editor) as your web content, not just a link or URL.

The easy way to publish your quiz on your blog

To test this service without having your own blog; enter ohmyquiz for both username and password, your quiz will be published on
  1. For security reasons or you don't have a blog yet, you may need to sign up for a new Blogger account at It's easy and free.
  2. Return to the QuizBuilder to create a quiz. On the quiz editor, when you're done, just simply select Next Step: Post the quiz to Blogger.
  3. Enter your Blogger username/password and your quiz is right there on your blog! You can have as many blogs as you'd like for posting your quizzes to different categories.

Publish your quiz the hard way, you can manually do it yourself

On the quiz page (step 3: Build The Quiz)
  1. Select All (Ctrl+A), or click the right button of your mouse -> Select All
  2. Copy (Ctrl+C), or click the right button of your mouse -> Copy
  3. Paste (Ctrl+V) the quiz to your blog or web editor.

To save your quiz as a web page

On the quiz page (step 3: Build The Quiz) please try one of the following options:
  • On your web browser menu bar: Select File -> Save As -> Web Page (html), or
  • Copy and Paste the quiz to MS Word and Save As an html file, or
  • Open MS Outlook Express -> Create Mail, Copy and Paste the quiz to the body of new message and Save As an html file.

To work with HTML source

On the quiz page (step 3: Build The Quiz)
  1. On your web browser menu bar: Select View -> Source
  2. This opens Notepad and shows the source file of your quiz page.
  3. From Notepad, save the file as html (anyname.htm)
  4. Open the html file with your web browser: Select File -> Open -> anyname.htm

To receive HTML source via email

On the quiz editor page (step 2)
  1. When your quiz is completely edited, scroll down to the Next Step.
  2. Select Email me the HTML source. (WebTV friendly)
  3. Enter you email address and press Send the source.

    You can also email the quiz to your friends or blog, however some web-based email services may not fully support this kind of interactive email. Sending from Outlook Express in HTML mode to Outlook Express or Yahoo! Mail works really great! Hotmail to Outlook Express also do, but you can't take a quiz with Hotmail. Just try to paste the quiz on Hotmail new message when Tools -> Rich-Text Editor is On.

Return to QuizBuilder

Create Your Own Quiz

  1. Create your quiz structure.
  2. Edit your questions, choices and scores.
  3. Congratulations, you've just made the quiz.

    Once you get the quiz in step 3, it 100% works on any website. However, due to our limited resources, we are unable to host quizzes here with this demo version. So you will need to put the quiz on your own blog or website.

Sample Quizzes