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The Beatles classic "All You Need Is Love" turns 50
June 25, 2017, 10:17 AM | On June 25, 1967, The Beatles joined "Our World," a live global television production broadcast in 25 countries, to perform their new song, "All You Need Is Love." Jane Pauley looks back 50 years ago to the debut of a classic. ...

The Beatles Go Worldwide On Satellite, Pearl Jam vs. Ticketmaster: This Day In Classic Rock [Videos]
Jackie Wilson was playing for some 400 people at a nightclub in Port Arthur Texas tonight in 1966 when local police decided the crowd was too excited and ordered him to stop singing and leave the stage, which he refused to do. He was arrested and charged ... ...

Rock and Roll Music, by the Beatles, Stones, Oasis, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: Odd Couples
Back in the day when I was young, impressionable, and more than a little foolish, I and my circle of acquaintances prided ourselves on having musical good taste – and in those times that meant we listened to rock music. This included many cross ... ...

Metro Detroit Beatles tribute band celebrates 10 years of please, pleasing fans
In the early days of the Beatles, John Lennon used to cheer up the band by asking where they were going. "To the top, Johnny!," they'd say. "Where's that, fellas?" Lennon would ask. And they'd reply in unison, "To the toppermost of the poppermost! ...

‘Dreaming the Beatles’ a must for fans of the Fab Four
There are places you remember. And things: The basement rec room in your parents’ house, where the family stereo sat. Your upstairs bedroom, and the portable turntable bought with babysitting money. The transistor radio on the beach, or at your part-time ... ...

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