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The Beatles - Rock Band : game review 2
End of the review about Rock Band for PS3... That being said, however, stars earned in career mode go toward worthwhile unlockables for once. Instead of unlocking uninteresting avatar clothing, The Beatles: Rock Band instead unloads exclusive, never-before ... ...

Classic Beatles albums, iconic Apple designs
The Beatles have given us some of the recognized album covers in the history of popular music, Apple has given us some of the most popular ad campaigns of modern times, and e’er the twain shall meet.’ Until now. Superfi, a UK-based HiFi and home cinema ... ...

Finding PowerPoint Inspiration In Beatles Lyrics And A Notepad
As you head off for the Thanksgiving holiday don’t forget to bring a small notepad. You never know when inspiration will strike. John Lennon found his inspiration for “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away” while riding in his Rolls-Royce. He grabbed a ... ...

Beatles Examiner
Steve Marinucci's website, Abbeyrd's Beatles Page, is widely regarded as the most accurate Beatles news source on the internet. A former journalist for over 30 years at the San Jose Mercury News, he has interviewed celebrities including Yoko Ono, Bruce ... ...

Flaming Lips squash the Beatles with tribute
It’s clear from the first track of the Flaming Lips tribute to’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band that the band is looking to renovate, not replicate a classic album. It was an anticipated strategy from Wayne Coyne and the Lips. The band’s ... ...

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