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Finally, a Children's Book About The Beatles
Young readers, parents, and librarians are used to seeing picture book biographies of real-life people like, say, George Washington and Thomas Edison. Or Babe Ruth and Martin Luther King, Jr. But as the inevitable march of time moves forward, more ... ...

8 places every Beatles' fan should visit
The emergence of The Beatles was nothing short of a revolution. A revolution which transformed the face of rock and roll for the decades that followed. The frenzy around the band peaked around the 60s, and ever since Beatlemania has refused to die out even ... ...

Enlightening History Behind The Beatles’ First Recording Contract
Although the Beatles are known for their wildly popular songs, which played a large part in transforming an entire era of music, the beginning was not exactly easy for them. Like any garage band starting out, the Beatles had their ups and downs, and they ... ...

Mysterious budget Beatles CDs causing legal skirmish in Canada
According to a blog by Michael Geist, the major record companies in Canada have mounted a campaign to try and stop the sale of these public domain recordings. The Hollywood Reporter says that Starlight had filed license papers and paid royalties to sell ... ...

Who’s blocking The Beatles from entering public domain?
Early Beatles recordings might have entered public domain, but, a new complaint alleges, major labels could still be in control. Then, quickly, they were made to stop. In a 408-page complaint filed Tuesday with the Canadian Competition Tribunal, Stargrove ... ...

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