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An Original Beatles Mic Is A Better Use Of Your Black Friday Cash
You know that $600 you have stashed under the mattress to buy a pimpin' flatscreen in the sales? Grab it, raid the kid's piggy banks, and jump on a plane down to Dallas: some of the Beatles' microphones, complete with authentic Lennon & McCartney Spittle ... ...

john lennon
Tim Piper has spent the last 30 years pretending to be someone else...well, at least on stage. In his roles in Beatles tribute bands as... Yoko Ono, children launch interactive singing of Lennon's 'Imagine' for charity World VisionUN tweeted out a picture ... ...

The Beatles - Rock Band : game review 2
End of the review about Rock Band for PS3... That being said, however, stars earned in career mode go toward worthwhile unlockables for once. Instead of unlocking uninteresting avatar clothing, The Beatles: Rock Band instead unloads exclusive, never-before ... ...

Music Meets Television on Bell Media's "Project Latte"
From the Beatles and The Band to Jay-Z and U2, Bell Media's upcoming subscription on-demand video streaming service, launching next month, will feature a collection of premium TV programming expressly dedicated to music and its icons, curated with insight ... ...

On Harrison’s death anniv, Beatles ashram glory lost in Rajaji wilderness
Dehradun: George Harrison died on November 29, 2001, of lung cancer. He was cremated in Los Angeles and his ashes later scattered in the Ganga and Yamuna rivers. Much water has flowed down two of India's holiest rivers 13 years since. But in a nondescript ... ...

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